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SEnginx Code

SEnginx uses Git as the source code version control system. For information about how to use Git, click Here.
SEnginx source code repository hosted on GitHub is at:

You can clone a read-only repository:
git clone git://

SEnginx Mailing List

Mailing list page:

  • English Mailing List:
  • Chinese Mailing List:

Participate in SEnginx Development

SEnginx community uses Fork & Pull mode of GitHub. Follow the steps below to participate in SEnginx development:

  1. Register on GitHub for an account.
  2. Fork SEnginx source codes on GitHub. Click Here for detailed steps.
  3. Clone the forked SEnginx source codes to your local computer.
  4. Modify the cloned SEnginx codes on your local computer.
  5. Push the modified SEnginx source codes to GitHub.
  6. Post a Pull request. Click Here for detailed steps.

Report SEnginx's Bug

If you find any bugs on SEnginx, please inform us through GitHub Issues by doing the following:

  1. Go to GitHub SEnginx Home page:
  2. Click New Issue.
  3. Fill in problem description.
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